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A Dead End in Vegas

A desperate wife in Denver aims for payback on her cheating husband by crafting a devious scheme. But will it work?

Tricia Sloan meets hot professor Joe Daggett on Facebook, and the pair begin a torrid Internet affair. A few months later they plan a romantic tryst in Las Vegas. She shows up, but he doesn't. After a few suspenseful days, Joe sends a buddy, Al Posey, who lives in Vegas, to take her to dinner. Tricia, now humiliated by both her husband and her lover, ends up in bed with Al. Two days later, her nude, lifeless body is found in bed by a maid at the Bellagio.

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Professionally ruined, morally bankrupt and reflexively snarky, psychiatrist Derek Verbenk is a f*ck-up by even his own measure. Major errors in judgment have sentenced the once ambitious doctor to a career handing out prescriptions to rich housewives from his home office in Cherry Creek — until a superpowered new patient turns Verbenk's life upside down and his soul inside out. Romping through Denver, breaking through barriers of privacy, social isolation and even politics, Transference is an odd-couple quest toward redemption full of wicked humor and radical honesty.

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The Pull of the Earth

A family's dark secrets are at the root of this rich novel set in rural Illinois. Alternating between the mysterious past and the unsettled present day, a father and son contend—individually—with complicated loyalties to parents, friends, lovers, and the land itself. What can a young man do? This is the central question of a complex story about love and obligation.

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Accidental Child

ACCIDENTAL CHILD, my debut novel! In which survivors of disastrous climate change have built a community in an old shopping mall, where clan hierarchy determines work, allocates food and controls the right to bear children. Rose Donahue falls through time into this arid future and must adapt or risk death trying to return to her former life where she had a lover, a young daughter and a beagle named Otis.

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