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The Wishing World

"Whimsical and imaginative, with just the right mix of humor, heart, and adventure. The Wishing World is everything you could wish for in a story--and so much more!"--Shannon Messenger, author of Keeper of the Lost Cities

In The Wishing World, dreams are real. You can transform into your own hero, find wild and whimsical friends, and wield power as great as your imagination. But Lorelei doesn't know about any of that. All she knows is that a monster took her family.

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The Debt of the Blessed: Within the Thiaran Empire, citizens put on jeweled masks and turn away from those who are taken. As long as one child is sacrificed each month to the Slinks and nobody interferes, their society will thrive. But seventeen-year-old Grei’s mind is alive with treason, and he plunges into the heart of a prophecy that will drive the Slinks back to their fiery dimension. All he must do is travel to the capital city and sacrifice one last innocent.

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The Tower of Dreams

The king is a scholar who expected to become a priest. The queen was betrothed to king's brother until her own dream, and her scheming father, led her to the new king. The warrior is a woman who lost her home and family in a surprise invasion. The thief is, well, a thief, but also a brother desperate to make a living and care for his younger sister. Together and apart they and others must protect the kingdom from a trade war, invading armies, and religious fanatics in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy about the Dreaming Child.

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For Love of Their Children

A god fell from the sky, carving a line of blue fire across the night for weeks. Many followed it. Flax brought his family as pilgrims, following the god north to the site where it landed. Among other pilgrims, it was easy to hide the fact that he was really no pilgrim at all but a fugitive. He thought to start a new life, a peaceful life with his wife, his children, his newest son. But his conscience weighed on him day by day. Every day of peace came at the cost of escaping justice. Across the desert, in the kingdom of Hitai, another father worried about his own children. Ynn the king, knew his immortality hinged on being murdered and succeeded by one of his offspring. Yet none were ready for the task of ruling, and some were very much up to the task of murder. How to survive long enough to teach them wisdom? But the god had plans for them all. It would throw them together, stretch them apart, remake them into warriors, heroes, and monsters. They would all do good things and bad. And how far will each of them go... ...for love of their children?

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Doctor Gnome

Alchemy Pond, suave and powerful elven wizard, has been sent to lush, tropical Buteamore to uncover a gnomish plot devised by the diabolical Doctor Gnome. Some very beautiful forces stand between Alchemy and his goals, using their own brand of magic against him. Faced with more monsters than he could ever have imagined, the elf struggles to find answers. Could even the sweetness of Dolcè spell trouble for the wizard? Will Alchemy’s magic be enough to save him from the maniacal Doctor Gnome?

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A Fragrant Quest

When his master, Shamus the Magnificent, needs some special incense from the Fragrance Guild, Alchemy Pond finds himself dodging angry dragons and murdering gnomes. Does the Elf have enough magic in his wand to survive a fragrant quest?

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The Sword of Ghespi

Forced to flee for his life, Faelin the 14 year old heir to the throne of Malsait is confronted with many adventures as he and his companions fight to stay alive.

Four years later the boy has grown to be a man raised by the wizard Ghespi and Felsik the former captain of the kings guard. Ghespi is killed by an evil wizard, but places his essence into Faelin's sword thus creating The Sword of Ghespi.

Homeless once again and now fleeing from the evil warlord who killed his parents and the evil wizard who wants The Sword of Ghespi Faelin meets a beautiful merchant’s daughter, Tharesea who takes him to meet another wizard, Koto San. Koto San takes in Faelin and his companions.

Now Faelin must raise an army to save his life and to rid the kingdom of Malsait of the both the evil wizard and the evil warlord.

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