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Rebellion: Book One of the Rebellion Trilogy

Trouble is brewing in Durthia and things are about to come to a boil. For years the thane Jergle has rallied troops to fight the corruption seen in the noble courts. He has been garnering support from lesser lords and farming villages, and now he is ready to act. In order to overthrow the king, he believes he must defeat each of the loyalist strongholds to leave the capital vulnerable. However, when a courier brings him news of the king's plans, Jergle quickly makes a decision that may doom him: to storm the king's fortress while it is at its weakest.
The rebel forces assemble and march on the capital, Cenock. Meanwhile the courier, Seruke, heads to his hometown for a much needed break after completing dangerous missions in the name of the rebellion. His journey becomes convuloluted and he finds himself in the midst of the war and he faces a decision to save either the rebellion or his hometown. The aftermath of his choice is felt by all of Durthia and Seruke finds himself on a path brimming with lies and destruction.

Bid the Gods Arise

Kidnapped from his homeworld and sold into slavery, Maurin despairs of ever seeing his cousin or his home again. When he is ransomed by a mysterious woman and reunited with Aric, he joins an unlikely group committed to the downfall of the slave trade. But it isn't long before he realizes they are being hunted--not only by the blood-lusting head of the slave trade, but by an ancient evil that wants their souls.

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The Imbalance (Star Mage #1)

What if gender were a choice?
But it determined your profession.

Stars are love. They hold no judgment for the past. No thought of the future. Gender isn’t even a concept. Kaush could walk among them forever.

Then a crack of negative energy rips through space, destroying the balance of the universe, and Kaush must face what he has trained his entire life for, or witness the death of hundreds.

Plunged into the confines of a space station and with the stars as only a distant hum, strangers press on Kaush from all sides, prying at a secret that would undo him. When the unthinkable happens, Kaush feels his control slipping for the first time in years. And worst of all, he’s attracted to the one responsible.

The fate of the space station rests on Kaush, but this is like nothing he ever prepared for. And as his beliefs shatter, so does his identity.

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Darkness in the Mirror

There is something in the shadows…

There, in the corner of the glass… Perhaps it’s just an imperfection, the mirror is old and neglected… But you know that it’s not an imperfection. There is something, there, moving with purpose. Something that wants something… And what might that something be?

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A Conspiracy of Wizards

To a backdrop of a millennial struggle between the Loci (mischievous chaos-loving imps with the magical ability to make tiny changes with enormous consequences, such as moving a twig an inch to the left, and thus providing the necessary link in a chain of events that lead to a forest fire that would otherwise not have occurred) and the Vaznallam  (mathematician and zen-like order-loving semi-divine beings that live in an ice city high in the Vaznal Mountains), a host of characters on intertwined adventures find themselves involved in the fulfillment of a prophesied “Realignment”, averting t

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