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Six Points of Light:Hook's Origin

St. Catherine’s is a place for misfits, for the forgotten; it is also the only place fifteen-year-old James Cook has ever known. Abandoned on the front steps as an infant James is raised by Sister Maddie who loves him like the mother he never knew. James possesses a genius level intellect and a kind heart but his constant state of ill health has meant that he has never had an invitation to leave the orphanage and join a family. One evening, a young boy is delivered to St. Catherine’s in the arms of his distraught mother. In her dying moments she calls out to her son the words that will set James and the young boy on a collision course with destiny, ‘Never grow up Peter.’ As James and Peter forge a seemingly unbreakable bond, James learns that his new friend is not who he appears to be. Peter is manipulative, mischievous and dangerous. As it turns out Peter is also harboring a secret whose repercussions will echo through time and pierce the veil that separates reality from make believe. Before he was Captain Hook, he was simply James, and as it turns out, he was not such a dastardly villain after all. Join some of the most beloved characters in literature as their roots are laid bare and the truth of their humble beginnings is revealed.

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