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Job Search Diary

Do you want to get a dream job offer, but have to work at office because you don’t know how to impress HR managers? Perhaps, you should check ‘Job Search Diary’ book from and Find the collection of most effective job hunting tips from the resume writing specialists. Job Search Diary contains the most effective and time-tested methods to reach success and avoid common job search and resume mistakes. The original book can be found

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DIY Internet Marketing for Beginners

This reference book will demystify Internet marketing for you and your business. Whether you are a total newbie or a beginner, you will keep returning to this playbook as your sophistication with social media grows. In DIY Internet Marketing for Beginners, you’ll learn:

• What are the best platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for me and my business? • How much and how often should I post my information?

• What kind of information should I promote?

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