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Courage The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman/Reclaiming the Forgotten Virtue

How do you define courage? Traditionally, courage is attributed to someone who faces fear under perilous circumstances, such as running into a burning building to save a child or chasing after a robber in flight. While these examples are amazing and perhaps heroic, should this virtue be reserved only for a few people during extreme conditions? Why is courage often considered only a male quality? How can every woman claim the feminine behaviors of courage to live on her own terms?

Courage is part of every woman’s “heart center.” In COURAGE, the author shows women how to embrace their own forgotten, yet unlimited reservoirs of courage in order to develop their full potential. She conducted a survey of 700 women of all ages and backgrounds who were asked to choose 9 characteristics out of a list of 36 that they felt best described them. The good news is that the majority of women chose the words honest, happy, and goal-oriented. However, few women chose words like gutsy, bold, and fulfilled. And only 71 out of these 750 women selected the word courageous. Walston knew she needed to get to the heart of this problem.

By returning to the original definition of the word courage, Old French corage, meaning “heart and spirit,” Walston reveals why recognition of this inner virtue is vital to knowing ourselves. “Discovering courage awakens an ancient feminine energy that every woman can utilize,” writes Walston. In her book, she shares many inspirational stories of everyday women who’ve exhibited courage, whether by standing up for a belief, rectifying a mistake or an injustice, facing a hardship, or choosing a unique path in life. Walston then presents her Three-Step Process for Integrating Courage that gives women a blueprint to reclaim the courage within them. COURAGE shows all women how to reclaim their forgotten birthright and live more fully from their hearts and spirits.

“Sandra Ford Walston speaks to the heart of the matter when she points to courage as the lynchpin of women’s true liberation. She illumines the path for us all.”
Marianne Williamson, author of A Woman's Worth and A Return to Love

“To read Sandra Ford Walston’s book is to celebrate the brilliance of contemporary women whose lives were transformed by embracing the virtue of courage. Her profound research indicates that every woman has been endowed with this virtue and shows us how to evoke it and manifest it more fully in our own lives.
Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

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