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A Candidate's Guide to Campaign Finance in Colorado

The first in a series of state campaign finance guides aimed at candidates at all levels of government. A Candidate’s Guide to Campaign Finance in Colorado is the sum of Pam Feely’s more than two decades of experience in campaign finance and tax law.

This guide is the definitive source for candidate’s and their committees and staffs looking for user-friendly directions into Colorado’s complex and confusing campaign finance rules.

Now officially a Colorado Independent Publisher Association’s EVVY award winner, make sure you get your copy of A Candidate’s Guide to Campaign Finance in Colorado before you ramp up your campaign for the next cycle.

Once Upon a Playground: A Celebration of Classic American Playgrounds, 1920-1975

Once Upon a Playground offers a visual tour of early- and mid-century playgrounds, and celebrates their place in American culture and the collective memory of generations. With over 160 contemporary photographs and dozens of vintage images of playgrounds around the country, the book offers a nostalgic look at these beloved icons of childhood.

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